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An Infusion of Youth Richard Jackson
Category: Life in America Published: January 2022
"The U.S. always has been a nation of immigrants, and most Americans instinctively understand that immigration still has a vital role to play in its aging future."
Before You Go Changing . . . Richard Ellison
Category: At the Office Published: January 2022
"You must establish goals that are much more specific than simply wanting a new job that you will like better than the one you have at present."
Befuddled Biden's Soul for Sale Jonathan W. Emord
Category: Polling Place Published: January 2022
The new Democratic Party's once renowned "big tent" no longer has room for moderates, who variously are condemned or canceled, or even liberals, who favor big government but shy away from full-on socialism.
Building on Solid Ground T.W. Lewis
Category: Dollars & Sense Published: January 2022
Before you can start winning, you have to stop losing.
Edging Toward Nobility Christopher Gilbert
Category: By the Book Published: January 2022
"You probably already are familiar with the competitive edge, the cutting edge, and the leading edge"--but what about the noble edge?
Election Integrity Is the Last Thing Democrats Want John R. Lott Jr.
Category: Political Landscape Published: January 2022
"With loose absentee voting rules, a country is making itself vulnerable to vote fraud. With mail-in voting, a country is almost begging for vote fraud."
Female Executives in the Age of JEDI Omar L. Harris
Category: Business & Finance Published: January 2022
Are justice, equity, diversity and inclusion the new bywords for Corporate America?
Gazing into the Chinese/WTO Crystal Ball Alfredo Carrillo Obregon
Category: Worldview Published: January 2022
". . . China's trade and economic policies are--and will remain--intertwined with concerns about geopolitics, human rights, and illiberalism."
Gems of Comic Art
Category: Out of the Past Published: January 2022
"Popeye, Superman, Wonder Woman, Black Panther--some cartoon characters have become both instantly and internationally recognizable, but they didn't get their start on television or in the movies, but rather on the pages of newspapers and comic books."
Helpful Hospice Sarah Sherwood
Category: Medicine & Health Published: January 2022
"Most people do not realize all of the aspects of what hospice offers and that causes them to call . . . later than they should."
House for Sale-But Not for Long Quintin Simmons
Category: Life in America Published: January 2022
". . . Homebuyers typically [are purchasing] their homes for 100% of the seller's asking price, with another 35% purchasing their home for beyond the asking price."
How to Stop the "Big Quit" from Getting Even Bigger Joe Hart
Category: Back to Business Published: January 2022
A strong corporate culture can help to quell the Great Resignation.
Joe Biden's Bounty on Your Life Elizabeth Lee Vliet , Ali Shultz
Category: Medicine & Health Published: January 2022
"Most COVID-19 patients' families are deliberately kept in the dark about what really is being done to their loved ones."
Long Shot, Short Wait Paul Mango
Category: Medicine & Health Published: January 2022
Operation Warp Speed serves as a reminder of a time when government, used in a limited and targeted fashion to enable the nation's exceptionally capable and adaptive private sector, can achieve the seemingly impossible.
Marriage in the Metaverse Aron Solomon
Category: Frontier Horizons Published: January 2022
It was reported a couple got married in the virtual metaverse. While some poked fun at it, the newspaper wrote about it, so here we are.
More Fears for the New Year Marilyn M. Singleton
Category: Medicine & Health Published: January 2022
Do not panic over COVID; as for other things . . . well. . . .
No "High" way to Heaven Joe Young
Category: Travel Wise Published: January 2022
"[The] combined-use numbers could help explain why crash rates have increased. Legalization may be encouraging more people to drink and use marijuana together."
Plan It Out Walter Wolf
Category: Mind & Body Published: January 2022
"According to the National Institute on Drug Abuse, the best way to prevent relapse is structuring the right plan for each individual, knowing that it will need adjustments along the way."
Pregnant and On Guard Alan R. Lindemann
Category: Medicine & Health Published: January 2022
". . . There no longer is a differentiation between a 'normal' and the time of COVID-19. The precautions that you will be taking now will be precautions for a long time."
Revisiting the Great Recession Johan Van Overtveldt
Category: Economics Published: January 2022
"The world held its breath as suprise, bewilderment, desperation, and outright panic dominated. . . . Levels of nervousness discomfort, and . . . suspicion shot through the roof."
Searching for a Way Out Larry P. Arnn
Category: American Thought Published: January 2022
"To establish despotism in a country like ours, you might begin by building a bureaucracy of great complexity that commands a large percentage of the resources of the nation."
Shame On Us Robert J. Bresler
Category: National Affairs Published: January 2022
"It indeed will be a daunting challenge to recapture the threads of civility and the moral framework that once made America the hope of the world."
So Clever Gordon Hutchison
Category: Literary Scene Published: January 2022
Reality (can be OK, but mostly it) Bites highlights original aphorisms and other philosophical fragments with teeth.
Still Think the Election Wasn't Rigged? Mollie Hemingway
Category: Political Landscape Published: January 2022
An army of progressive activists administered the 2020 presidential election at the ground level. Here, one billionaire in particular took a leading role: Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg.
Sufficient Unto the Day Dolores T. Puterbaugh
Category: Parting Thoughts Published: January 2022
"In the modern era, we have an alternative to doing, and that is to assuage our concerns and our consciences by making statements and showing support. . . . Wearing the 'right' t-shirt [is a way] of punting action."
The Blame Game Carolyn Fischer
Category: Political Landscape Published: January 2022
Instead of considering the many ways life has improved during the last half-century, people listen to the unscrupulous politicians who promise to 'rescue' them from a nation that is more prosperous, peaceful, and healthier than it has ever been.
The FDA's Gut vs. Your Child's Heart Jane M. Orient
Category: Medicine & Health Published: January 2022
"There are 24 countries and 16 states where [COVID] cases reached all-time highs after vaccine rollouts."
The National Film Registry of the Library of Congress Welcomes Its Newest Class Brett Zongker
Category: Reel World Published: January 2022
The diverse class of films dates back nearly 120 years, representing works of Hollywood studios, independent filmmakers, documentarians, woman directors, filmmakers of color, students, and the silent era of film.
When to Say "I Do" W. Bradford Wilcox , Lyman Stone
Category: Life in America Published: January 2022
"Do religious marriages formed by twenty-somethings face different divorce odds than marriages formed by secular Americans in the same age group?"
You Call This Science? Jane M. Orient
Category: Under the Microscope Published: January 2022
The NIH again is following the model of therapeutic nihilism for COVID, suppressing promising treatments on the basis that hundreds of favorable published studies are inadequate. Vaccines seem exempt from the demand for such scientific rigor.