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Streaming to the Lake Misti Crane , Pam Frost Gorder
Category: Eye on Ecology Published: March 2018
"I think people forget the importance of these streams--to both fish and people. This project will help us identify win-win solutions that benefit Lake Erie and the thousands of stream miles in its watershe."
Stressed-Out Coral Pam Frost Gorder
Category: The Environment Published: July 2018
". . . Two separate effects of climate change combine to destabilize different populations of coral microbes . . . opening the door for bad bacteria to overpopulate corals' mucus and their bodies as a whole."
The "Methane Paradox" Pam Frost Gorder
Category: Eye on Ecology Published: July 2018
We've always assumed that oxygen was toxic to all methanogens. That assumption is so entrenched that global climate models don't allow for methane production in the presence of oxygen. We may be grossly underaccounting for methane in our existing models.