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Bravery at the Battle of the Bulge Alice M. Flynn
Category: Armed Forces Published: May 2017
"Hosingen [Luxembourg] was the last known town held by the 110th to surrender…Out of 300 Americans, there has been just seven killed and 10 wounded, while inflicting an estimated 2,000 casualties on the Germans, including more tha 300 killed."
Budgetary Savings from Military Restraint Benjamin H. Friedman , Christopher Preble
Category: America's Armed Forces Published: May 2011
"The idea that the U.S. should use it military to secure rich states in perpetuity, arrest disorder in several poor ones simultaneously, ensure global stability, and spend the better part of one trillion dollars a year to those ends" must cease.
For Thsose Left Behind Maria Grimm
Category: Armed Forces Published: November 2016
"Since its founding, Folds of Honor has provided more than 10,000 scholarships to family members of fallen or disabled military personnel."
Interracial Marriages Common in Military
News View Category: Armed Forces Published: April 2004
Protecting Troops from Heat Stroke
News View Category: Armed Forces Published: December 2002
Still Resonating a Half-Century Later Fred Krebsbach
Category: Armed Forces Published: May 2017
"[During the Vietnam War] we literally lived in the mud, in rotted jungle swamps. Our clothes were rotted; our feet were rotted; we had lost all sense of smell; and we could not take our boots off anymore because our feet would swell up…"
The Emasculation of Our Close-Combat Forces Denny Gillem
Category: Armed Forces Published: May 2016
"Women have served in our military for generations and are doing so now, honorabnly and will. They have also been serving in combat for decades-competently and bravely. However, there is a difference between serving in combat and serving in close combat."
The Long Road Back Bryan Carpenter
Category: Armed Forces Published: May 2017
"…Seeing IED explosion holes big enough to swallow my Humvee had me on high alert, but my driver's side tire barely nicked a pressure plate, which ignited a bomb that blew up right below my seat. This threw the vehicle 20 feet in the air…"