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"Stem"-ing the Falsehoods Sarah Sherwood
Category: Medicine & Health Published: March 2020
Industry has a valid stake in stem cell science, but we need to make sure qualified researchers are behind the outcome. Patients should always ask themselves, "Has the FDA cleared this? Is it backed by peer reviewed science?'" Their life may depend on it.
A Home that Is Special Sarah Sherwood
Category: Psychology Published: March 2021
The population of adults with special needs is growing, while funding is decreasing. Policy leaders are working on strategies to solve the problem, but since they often are not touched personally by it, the design of these programs can fall short.
Helpful Hospice Sarah Sherwood
Category: Medicine & Health Published: January 2022
"Most people do not realize all of the aspects of what hospice offers and that causes them to call . . . later than they should."
It's Intentional Sarah Sherwood
Category: Psychology Published: January 2021
Adults with special needs are benefiting from intentional communities.
Pandemic Antidote Sarah Sherwood
Category: Mind & Body Published: May 2022
"The best senior living communities are vibrant places that set their residents up for a meaningful life of family, new friends, and the resources they need, both in times of crisis and normal times."