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Can Iran's Nuclear Activities Be Thwarted? David Cortright
Category: Worldview Published: May 2006
"Preventing nuclear war arguably is the most important arena in which universal compliance is needed. This standard must apply not only to Iran, but to the U.S. and other nations."
Can the UN Battle Terrorism Effectively? David Cortright
Category: Worldview Published: January 2005
Security Council resolutions have "mobilized states for a campaign of nonmilitary cooperative law enforcement measures to combat global terrorism."
Creating a More Secure America David Cortright
Category: National Affairs Published: July 2004
By employing cooperative engagement--the perfect antidote to the Bush Administration's insistence on preemptive unilateralism--the U.S. can bring its security doctrine more in line with global realities.
Proposed: A More-Effective and Just Response to Terrorism David Cortright
Category: American Thought Published: January 2002
"By enlarging international cooperation, especially in the Islamic world, and utilizing and upholding the principles of law, we can increase the chance that the horrors of Sept. 11 will never be repeated."