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"There Is a God," Most Scientists Declare
News View Category: Religion Published: December 2018
. . . And Then God Created Evolution Ron Frost
Category: Religion Published: January 2012
Evolution does not imply that there is no God.
An Agnostic Encounters God Jerry L. Martin
Category: Religion Published: March 2016
"I had been raised ina Christain home, but those beliefs did not survive Philosophy 101, where arguments for the existence of God were shot down like skeets."
Bridging Friendships Across the Belief Divide Gary Comer
Category: Religion Published: March 2019
"…Look at anything long enough and the truth rises to the top."
Bridging the Divide Robert L. Millet , Gregory C.V. Johnson
Category: Religion Published: January 2010
The continuing conversation between a Mormon and an Evangelical provides another chapter in the ongoing saga of interfaith dialogues.
Broadway to Campaign Trail: Mormon Is the Buzz
News View Category: Religion Published: April 2012
Can the Lord Intercede? David Chotka
Category: Religion Published: May 2022
"Pray that God embarrass the wicked, evil assault against Ukraine. Ask for God to embarrass the attacks of the enemy. Ask God to embarrass the demons."
Christianity's Heart Disease Timothy R. Jennings
Category: Religion Published: September 2021
"Christians need to identify and remove an infection of thought, a distortion of belief, and a corruption of ideas that have taken root in the hearts of far too many good people. . . ."
Church and State at the United Nations Frances Kissling
Category: Religion Published: November 2001
"At most UN conferences, the Vatican is granted the full status enjoyed by member states, including not only a voice, but a vote."
Coming-Out Guide for LGBTQ Christians
News View Category: Religion Published: April 2019
Core Beliefs Unite Catholics
News View Category: Religion Published: August 2006
Darwin's Origin of Species: A Gift from God John Polkinghorne
Category: Religion Published: May 2009
"[It is] quite clear that anyone who finds contradictions with science in Genesis is 'not understanding the divine eloquence.' "
Defining God Nancy Ellen Abrams
Category: Religion Published: May 2015
"We humans are participants in a cosmic venture: the multibillion-year evolution of complex intelligent life from nothing but particles of energy. The way we define God either can bless this extraordinary cosmic venture or slowly choke it to death."
Dispelling the Myth of God versus Gay Jay Michaelson
Category: Religion Published: November 2011
"If this world, with its astounding variety of life, culture, and natural beauty indeed was made by God, then surely God likes variety."
Exploring Heaven and Hell Johann Christoph Arnold
Category: Religion Published: January 2003
". . . Throughout history, windows have been opened here and there, allowing believers and nonbelievers alike glimpses into greater realities, inspiring or terrifying them. . . ."
Faith and Feeding Tubes Barbara Golder
Category: Religion Published: July 2018
The community needs to provde real, direct, personal assistance on an individual level to those facing these illnesses, as well as counsel & care so the patient & family can make a decision confident of the support that will stand with them in suffering.
Faith at Work No Longer Taboo
News View Category: Religion Published: April 2007
Faith Influences Wealth Accumulation
News View Category: Religion Published: December 2003
Faith's Fate in the Presidential Primaries Adam Hamilton
Category: Religion Published: March 2008
"A recent poll found that 60.7% of those with an opinion believe it important that the president be a religious individual, and roughly half of all respondents indicate that their personal religious faith always or sometimes guides their political views."
Food and Friends Strengthen Link to God
News View Category: Religion Published: April 2005
Founding Fathers "Find" Religion
Category: Religion Published: September 2015
The exhibit "Religious Liberty and the Founding of America" cioncides with the visits of Pope Francis and the Dalai Lama.
God's Hand in Illness Anthony Gomes
Category: Religion Published: July 2018
"It is common for a sick individual to seek God's help. On the other hand, illness itself often is viewed as God's wrath."
Hare Krishna Comes of Age Michael Kress
Category: Religion Published: July 2005
The movement has matured into a mainstream religion after years of tumult and scandal--but escaping the past never is easy.
He's Not the Marrying Kind Dolores T. Puterbaugh
Category: Religion Published: July 2013
Imagine the congregation's discomfort when they know that young Father Matthew is dating the lector who is processing in front of him towards the altar at the beginning of Mass.
Houses of Worship Push Back Against Lockdown
News View Category: Religion Published: April 2020
How Christianity Shaped the West Dinesh D'Souza
Category: Religion Published: July 2009
"If we cherish what is distinctive about Western civilization, then--whatever our religious convictions--we should respect, rather than denigrate, its Christian roots."
Imbibing and the Bible Armando Favazza
Category: Religion Published: July 2006
While the Good Book certainly does not advocate alcoholism, an awful lot of drinking was taking place during biblical times. Of course, the same can be said today.
In Search of the Big Answer Marya Hornbacher
Category: Religion Published: May 2012
Answers, comfort, and healing do come, if we remain open to their arrival. We have only to wait.
Interfaith Marriage Becoming More Common
News View Category: Religion Published: December 2016
Interfaith Marriage in Modern India: Obstacles Remain Ajay Kaul
Category: Religion Published: May 2019
A young couple defies their parents. Will love win out?
It's a Dogma Eat Dogma World Christopher Gross , Patrick Looby
Category: Religion Published: March 2010
Obama aide and the Pope go toe-to-toe over condom use in Africa. The Holy Father seems to hold the upper hand.
Legislation to Appease Anti-Evolutionists
News View Category: Religion Published: August 2016
Natural Selection vs. Intelligent Design Michael Ruse
Category: Religion Published: January 2004
"Religion cannot and should not stand still. The Copernican Revolution may have been uncomfortable, but realizing that we are not the center of a tight little universe is a challenge that can only make religion stronger. The same is true of evolution."
One Mother's Message to God Mary Lou Quinlan
Category: Religion Published: July 2012
She inhaled a worry. She exhaled a prayer. If it was important to me, it was important to Mom and, if it was important to Mom, into the God box it went.
Political Correctness vs. the Church Jonathan W. Emord
Category: Religion Published: March 2015
"The law may not compel private churches and private businesses not of public accomodation to abandon beliefs on the grounds that some may be offended by those beliefs…"
Prayers God Answers Jason Frenn
Category: Religion Published: March 2012
"There is something more important than faith--a sincere heart."
Profiling Just Like Jesus Did
News View Category: Religion Published: December 2010
Reexamining the Creator Ean W. Burchell
Category: Religion Published: May 2015
What do religious texts really teach us about God?
Religious Liberty Derives from Property Rights Larry P. Arn
Category: Religion Published: March 2016
"The most formidable enemies of property rights are formidable precisely because they know better than to separate the issue of property rights from the issue of other freedoms, including freedom of conscience and religious liberty."
Relishing God's Great Gifts--in Our Homes Dolores T. Puterbaugh
Category: Religion Published: September 2010
...If everyone who is living the Jewish or Christian faiths would assert proudly that the immanent has elevated the immediate, & that this means the trouble it takes to arrange stems in a jar, light a candle, or make a cake are ways to reflect that love.
Science vs. Religion: The Challenge of Interpretation L.H. Neese
Category: Religion Published: July 2001
"Will religion rise to the challenge of the vision of humanity and the universe posed by science and embrace the realities science has brought forth?"
Science's Confusion Concerning the Origin of Life Moshie Averick
Category: Religion Published: March 2017
"It is high time for scientists to start vigorously reminding themselves that science only is meaningful in its role as a servant of truth. Truth is not a servant of science and certainly not a servant of atheism."
Science, Religion, and Ecology Turn Eastward Michael J. Strada
Category: Religion Published: September 2001
The tenets of Eastern religion are more compatible with nature than their Western counterparts.
Sexual Traumatization by Priests: What is the Effect on Spirituality? Katherine van Wormer , Lois Berns
Category: Religion Published: September 2002
"The institutional Church has to acknowleged the magnitude of the damage that has been done through years of denial and deception, and embark on a stringent crackdown on the sexual abuse of children and adolescents."
Should Creed or Constitution Guide the Judiciary? H. Jefferson Powell
Category: Religion Published: March 2004
"The First Amendment asks of us that we find a way, perhaps along a winding and rocky path, to allow both individual freedom and public openness in matters of religion, and to do so without allowing either concern to swallow up the other."
Should Mormons Be Feared Because of their Beliefs? Tricia Erickson
Category: Religion Published: July 2012
The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints has secretive oaths, covenants, and pledges to death penalties as part of its Temple rituals.
Should Scientists Believe in God?
News View Category: Religion Published: August 2011
Sixteen Reasons to Believe in God
News View Category: Religion Published: August 2004
Spirituality in the 21st Century John Sawyer
Category: Religion Published: July 2002
"While the road conditions of the spiritual journey may change with time, the lessons contained in the Bible remain constant."
Stop Asking Retailers to Celebrate Christmas
News View Category: Religion Published: December 2006
The "Hat Ladies" of New Pilgrim Baptist Church Robert Hobbs
Category: Religion Published: May 2004
These women are paired together in portraits that honor their importance as cultural leaders and celebrate their desire to praise the Lord each Sunday, crowned with stunning headresses of fur, felt, or straw, which are adorned with feathers. . .
The Environment as Sacred Ground Gary Gardner
Category: Religion Published: May 2003
Interactions between environmental and religious groups are increasing in frequency an importance.
The God of Science David Ruth , Amy McCaig
Category: Religion Published: January 2017
"While it is commonly assumed that most scientists are atheists, the global perspective resulting from [an international] study shows that this simply is not the case."
The Massacre of God's Children Johnnie Moore
Category: Religion Published: January 2018
"More Christians have been killed in the last century than in the previous 19 combined."
The Perplexities of Persecution Require a Very Different Kind of Prayer Nik Ripkin
Category: Religion Published: March 2014
"Is it possible that God has purposes that are tied to the suffering of His people? In our desire to be helpful, could we find ourselves working against the ultimate purposes of God?"
The Pope Sounds Off on Economics and the Environment Gerald E. Mason
Category: Religion Published: September 2015
"…Economic powers continue to justify the current global system where priority tends to be given to speculation and the pursuit of finanical gain, which fail to take the context into account, let alone the effects on human dignity and the environment."
The Power of the Almighty "C" Jim Penman
Category: Religion Published: January 2016
"Religious teachings not only help people to cooperate better in large groups, they create the very temperament that is needed if civilization is to flourish."
When the Spirit Moves Them Anthony Layng
Category: Religion Published: May 2010
"To the extent that we view American Indian religion as having been lost or destroyed, we fail to appreciate how successfully it has adapted to changing circumstances."
Who Speaks for Islam? David Ruth
Category: Religion Published: May 2019
"The most-concerning finding in the study is that extremist religious discourse [in the Middle East] has a sizable audience…"
Why God Seems to Be MIA Jim Pace
Category: Religion Published: January 2011
Many wonder why He does not step in more often to alleviate the world's suffering, but if He were to do so, the consequences would be more significant than we suspect.
Women Ascend the Pulpit Rosemary Radford Ruether
Category: Religion Published: September 2005
"Feminist theology challenges traditions that make women inferior, disproportionately prone to or responsible for sin, and admissible only to lower ranks in the Church."
Women Remain Oppressed Anthony Layng
Category: Religion Published: September 2008
"Most of us readily condemn the treatment of women in fundamentalist Muslim countries, but fail to recognize that further erosion of democracy and women's rights could happen here if the growing influence of religious fundamentalism remains unchallenged."